On the first day of Ramadan, NSCTO named after acad. N.D.Batpenov received sponsorship from BI Group Holding, namely a set of equipment for patients' treatment with COVID infection. Now doctors have at their disposal a bronchoscope (Olympus), a portable ventilator Hamilton (Switzerland) and a vibroacoustic device.  It is produced in Nur-Sultan and costs 13 million tenge.

“It was very important for us to equip the department, which had been renovated earlier.  Previously, we conducted medical gases in each ward of the infectious diseases hospital.  This is very important in the treatment of infectious diseases.  Having received a letter from NSCTO, we immediately start to help. We donated medical equipment to the clinic. The equipments are produced in Kazakhstan, Japan, Korea and Switzerland ”, - Maral Baikadamova, head of the procurement department of the BI Group holding.

The doctors and medical staff of the clinic expressed their gratitude for the provided medical equipment.

“We are grateful to the company for the renovation of our department and most importantly, for the gasification.  Our patients receive Oxygen from the admission department.  The equipment we received today will help improve the condition of the patients, ”said Pavel Ostanin, head of the intensive care unit of the infectious diseases hospital at the NSCTO.

 An infectious diseases hospital with 100 beds for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 has been established on the territory of the NSCTO named after Academician ND Batpenov.  The rest of the hospital departments continue to operate as planned.  Patients receive all the necessary medical services.